Hill2 L.L.C.

Delivering individual and organizational growth to mission-focused organizations.

Offering flexible, skillful professional services to organizations

We help build capacity and support the delivery of essential impacts.


Leadership Coaching &Consulting

We work to develop leaders, teams and organizations and to design and implement high-impact, actionable strategies that increase performance and deliver results.

Specific Areas of Expertise Include

  • Executive and leadership coaching that increases effectiveness and performance
  • Retreat facilitation that unifies teams and creates actionable next steps
  • Strategic plan development that leverages opportunity, defines metrics for success, and supports flexible and adaptive implementation
  • Team building and communications trainings that resolve difficult internal communications and promote effective working relationships

Specialized Services for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

Headquartered in Spokane, WA, we work with clients throughout the Pacific Northwest



Specialized Services for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

For over a decade, Hill2 L.L.C. has partnered with dozens of nonprofits and mission-focused organizations to build capacity and support the delivery of essential impacts. We specialize in offering flexible, skillful professional services to organizations and their leaders.

Our Headquartered are in Spokane, WA and we work with clients throughout the
Pacific Northwest


Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a customized one-on-one skill-building engagement that supports professional awareness, accountability, communications, continuous learning and sustained excellent performance by instilling essential competencies that build on the client’s best leadership characteristics.



Training is skills-based professional development that focuses individuals and groups on obtaining strategies, tactics and distinctions that promote self-sufficient high-level performance and build enduring competence in areas such as team-building, professional communications, and stakeholder engagement.



Facilitation is a guided process that brings teams together and provides efficiency, fluidity, and effectiveness, to meetings and retreats, by framing group-knowledge in ways that support problem-solving, decision-making, strategic thinking, and the generation of actionable next-steps and results.



Consulting is the providing of professional advice and skill-specific guidance and services to leaders and groups in areas such as strategic planning, organizational design, succession planning, effective delegation, project management, and communications. All is service to reaching an organization’s goals.

Selected Clients




Nita and Lindsay Hill bring a wealth of practical experience and theoretical skill to their work with clients, having worked with dozens of nonprofits and mission-focused organizations for over a decade.

Together, Nita and Lindsay are able to offer expert, flexible and highly creative Coaching, Consulting, Facilitation, and Training services.

Lindsay Hill

Lindsay Hill


Nita Hill

Nita Hill



Lindsay Hill has worked with our agency for the past several years, and has helped guide our board and staff through leadership transitions, and strategic and business planning projects.  Through his expert coaching, facilitation, strategic thinking, and team-building, Lindsay has been an invaluable partner in helping us realize our goals and reach our potential.

Joseph Tietz

Executive Director, Pathfinders of Oregon

Lindsay Hill has led retreats for my non-profit now for several years. I can’t overstate how effective he has been. His preparation is thorough, the skills he brings to difficult situations and his intuitive readings of people and situations are remarkable. He has won the trust of all participants and helped us resolve some very difficult situations. Highly recommended!

Maya Muir

Board President, Portland Waldorf School

Our board retreat was not only exceptionally well-executed, but Lindsay’s frequent communication ensured that participants showed up prepared to engage fully with the challenges. Also, Lindsay’s coaching has been invaluable for me as an executive director. Board members and staff alike have complimented me on how much stronger and more effective I’ve become in my leadership. Lindsay is a fantastic (and rare) coach!

Brooke Matson

Executive Director, Spark Central (Spokane)


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